New Blog

I have created a new blog, it is http://derulifeinmo.blogspot.com/ 

I will no longer update this blog (as you can tell I never do:). This new blog will be about our life moving to Missouri and  life from here on out.


We are having a fun summer!

I know I'm not the best at updating my blog. Here are lots of pictures to show everyone what Landon, I and our baby have been up to.
Emma out grew her bumbo so we got her a new highchair.
At 8 months old Emma is pulling herself up onto everything and walking along furniture.

Emma and I went to the splashpad to get her used to the water. I think she liked it.

Cousin day with the Biddulphs. We went on a hike at Snowbasin.

Happy baby for bedtime.

For my birthday we went to Tracy Aviary, Emma loved the birds.

First time out on the lake. She enjoyed the boat ride.

She never wants to miss out on anything and loves to peak out.

Of course!... Do I need to explain?

Loves snow cones, cotton candy, otterpops and anything else her dad feeds her.

The best neighbors I could ever ask for. I will miss them all when we move one day.

Happy 4th of July....(eating watermelon.....and leaves:)

Playing in the Rain. She is not scared of anything.

That is my update! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. (p.s. I don't know how to use the new blogger so the typing is small, sorry)


Emma Deru at 7 months Old

 Emma is 7 months old and just learning how to crawl. She is such a fun little girl.


This is for you Grandma and Grandpa

When my mom gets missing her grandchildren she gets on our blogs to see their pictures. I haven't updated lately and my mom wanted me to update with new pictures to look at. Emma is growing and getting stronger. She is so adorable and I love her so so much. I love being a mom and I love having a little girl to laugh with, play with and raise.
I showed her 2 times how to suck her toes. Now she is addicted and wont stop :).

Emma loves being outside for stroller rides.
Since Emma was a newborn she has always taken showers instead of bathes. It is just easier for us and she enjoys it.

April Fools

For April Fools Landon and I put all our neighbors cars up for sale. Some were a steal and others were way out of the price range. We thought we were pretty funny until they decided to get us back.

They came back and put our care up for $20.00.
They also broke into our place and decided to put caution tape up everywhere with all the cupboards open as well. What a disaster!

I am just happy that we have the best neighbors.


My Valentine Poem

When Landon was on his mission he wrote me a poem. It has now been 4 years and he wrote me another poem for Valentines day. To read the poem from 4 years ago and see the difference click here.

Julie’s Valentine’s Poem 2012
By: Landon Deru

On my mission, I commenced to write the perfect poem.
Valentine’s Day was coming up, and I had a girl at home.

So in the frozen Finnish tundra, I wrote a poem for you,
But back then your name was Griffiths, and now it is Deru.

So many things have changed since then, so many of them sweet.
As time goes by, and seasons change, our lives are more complete.

This poem depicts our lives since then, and how some things have changed.
As you will see, it’s crazy….it’s more than just your name.

We’re married now, for three short years, and plenty more to go.
Our basement house was humble, and our car was in the snow.

We’ve since moved on and upward. A better move? Well, maybe.
Because since my last love poem, we’ve gone and had a baby!

When Emma came in to our lives, my love for you grew stronger.
It makes me glad that our little family can live on so much longer.

Though side by side we’ve worked to wipe a thousand butts with gloves,
No PPE is needed, just fresh wipes and lots of love.

Our car has also made a change since last I wrote a poem.
A Prism for a Focus as out of state we roam.

Now you and I have changed so much, since we both have degrees.
We are “educated” now, so why isn’t life a breeze?

While family, friends, and time evolve, and life seems often strange,
Another thing has happened….my love for you has changed.

You might be thinking, “What the heck? Where did things go so wrong?”
But don’t you fret a minute, because my love is twice as STRONG!

Each time I get to kiss you, it’s like a special treat.
You work so hard each day, that I don’t mind to rub your feet. (Now that’s true love)

Your endless sacrifices help our family run with ease.
You give me everything I need, even when I don’t say “please”.

I can’t express my love enough, and how it has progressed.
Without you here supporting me, my life would be a mess.

I am the man I am today because of your affection.
A girl like you deserves the best, despite my imperfection.

Though life is way too busy, and we don’t get much time,
You’ll always have a special place as my sweet Valentine.

.......Isn't Landon just the sweetest guy! No wonder why I married him.


First Train Ride

Landon had a meeting in SLC for a leadership conference he is in charge of for next summer. Landon also loves public transportation, with that said; we made a family trip out of it. We took the FrontRunner from Ogden to SLC. While Landon had his meeting I did a little shopping around the Gateway, we had lunch and then headed back home. Emma was really good the whole time.